Costs Of Funerals

The cost of a funeral service can vary depending upon the preferences of the family. The costs comprise of several components:

Funeral Directors Professional Service Fee

Fees associated with arranging, planning and conducting the funeral service, including documentation and certificates, clergy / celebrant donation, mortuary care, transfers, mourning cars, hearse, incidental disbursements and any necessary liaison with health care facilities, or Coroner’s Office. Many of these charges are “fixed fees” and cannot be avoided unfortunately. We will assist you to understand the things that are necessary.

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Coffin / Casket

These vary depending upon the exact one you choose for the service. Click here for more details. On the homepage you can proceed to the “online quote” to view the coffins with a picture and the exact cost of each.

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Other (Optional) Fees

  • Newspaper notices
  • Catering
  • Floral Tributes
  • Memorial Book
  • Motorcycle Escorts
  • Doves
  • butterflies
  • Balloons

Memorialisation Fees

Plaques, headstones, monuments, vaults, niche walls and other options. Such matters are in the province of the selected Cemetery or Crematorium and will need to be negotiated by the family. However, Mannings can provide impartial advice and liaise on your behalf, if required.

Pre-Paying Your Funeral

Pre-paying a funeral may be a more suitable for individual circumstances. For further information on pre-paid funerals please contact us.